Auditory Processing Disorders (APD)

Unlock Your Child’s Auditory Potential: Discover the Path to Clearer Communication with Auditory Processing Disorders Therapy

Some children struggle in school despite having had private or school therapy services for years, and their families wonder what might be being missed? The National Institute of Health reports that about 5% of school-aged children have an auditory processing disorder. These often are associated with learning disabilities, and are commonly missed.

What is an auditory processing disorder?

Signs your child might have an auditory processing disorder:

  • Significant difficulty understanding speech, especially in loud rooms
  • Difficulty following directions, especially multi-step directions
  • Difficulty remembering, summarizing, or answering questions about information presented verbally
  • Difficulty reading, spelling, and/or writing as compared to peers
  • Trouble following abstract thoughts or ideas
  • Difficulty understanding jokes, idioms, and figurative language

While Auditory processing disorders are diagnosed by a qualified audiologist, we at Ponte Vedra Speech, Language, and Learning offer screening services to help families determine if they should make an appointment with an audiologist, and then once diagnosed, we help connect families to a home-based direct therapy for the Auditory processing component as we work in sessions on speech and language skills.

If you think your child could be struggling to process sounds, contact us to make an appointment.