Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

At Ponte Vedra Speech, Language, and Learning, we know that early treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder can help create lasting differences.

Please speak to your pediatrician if you notice that your child has difficulties with:

  • Back-and-forth social interactions, including failure to respond to you when you call for his/ her attention
  • Difficulties with non-verbal communication including eye-contact, gestures, and facial expressions
  • Difficulties making or maintaining friendships
  • Repetitious behaviors such as repeated motor movements or speech or lining toys up
  • Inflexibility (insists on same food every day, for example)
  • Strong fixation on a particular object
  • Is hyper- or hypo- sensitive to sensory experiences.

Need More information?

We work with children with ASD of all ages and levels to help them grown in their ability to communicate effectively with family, adults in the community, and friends. Whether your child is not speaking at all yet or enrolled in school and struggling with friendships, we at Ponte Vedra Speech, Language, and Learning can help.