Speech Sound Disorders

There are a number of possible root causes for speech sound errors, and the speed of remediation depends on using the right approach for the right child. We at Ponte Vedra Speech, Language, and Learning are specialty trained and certified in various approaches to treating speech sound disorders and have a record of producing results.

Due to our specialized training in identifying and treating motor speech disorders, we are a directory provider for Apraxia Kids:  www.apraxia-kids.org/speech-language-pathologist-directory/. We are also PROMPT certified and listed in their directory (see below).

Whether your child is speaking with a lisp or struggling with a significant motor speech disorder, we at Ponte Vedra Speech, Language, and Learning are ready to help.

What is Dynamic and Temporal Tactile Cuing? https://childapraxiatreatment.org/dttc/

What is PROMPT?